The municipality of Hrádek is located between the towns of Klatovy and Sušice in the foothills of Šumava Mountains. However, it is nearer to Sušice, just over the hill. You can go to Hrádek by car, bus or bike, on the road or you can go by train using the local track No. 185, which goes from the station Horažďovice - Předměstí (Suburbs) to the station Domažlice. The village landmark is an old chateau renovated by a private owner and turned into the catering and accommodating facility. Various exercise or wellness activities take place here and also visitors who are interested in history can find something interesting here. They can visit František Pravda's Museum, the Art gallery Hrádek, the chateau chapel or some ancient churches nearby. Children can enjoy local playgrounds in the village as well as in the chateau area. To make your visit more varied you can visit ponds, Ostružná river or forests nearby. You shouldn't miss visiting the villages which are part of the municipality of Hrádek (Čejkovy, Čermná, Kašovice, Odolenov,Tedražice and Zbynice). There you can find a lot of places of interest worth a visit, too. If you want to have an aerial view of the landscape, make sure you climb the look-out tower Svatobor.

In the surrounding area of Hrádek you can find four public footpaths in total distance of 13,1 km. That are signed with coloured directional signs and there are information boards containing details about local places of interest. On your trip you can relax on the wooden benches or in roofed rest areas.

The history of the village dates back to the Middle Ages, the first mention is from 1372
One of the mysterious places of Pošumaví is located near Hrádek.
The first written mention of the village of Hrádek dates from 1298.
The former royal city stretches along both banks of the gold-bearing Ottawa River