The village of Dolany is located in the valley of the Úhlava river 6 km north of the district town of Klatov.
The village of Červené Poříčí is located about 15 kilometers north of the city of Klatovy.
American Garden Arboretum National Natural Monument.
A well-known excursion spot above Chudenice with a lookout tower, an excursion restaurant and a natural amphitheater.
An old linden tree near the old castle
Cemetery chapel in Chudenice. Starting point at Bolfánek.
Where did the goat riot take place in Chudenice?
Around the castle Lázeň St. Wolfganga is spread over by the English park.
The place based on which the libretto for the opera Rusalka was created.
Lázeň castle under Žďár hill.
Dobrovský stayed in Chudenice from 1816 to 1828 as a guest of Count Eugen Černín, who was a famous scholar and whose castle Lázeň near Chudenice was visited by the most prominent Czech scholars of the time.
A piece of Japan in Chudenice
The Old Palace in the square was rebuilt from the original fortress in Renaissance style and in Baroque style.
The town of Chudenice is located approximately 15 km northwest of Klatov in the heart of the Kdyńsko - Chudenice Highlands at an altitude of 488 m above sea level.
Church of St. Peter and Paul in Dolany was built in 1794-99.
The fortress in its present form was built by the lords of Dolan in the first half of the 15th century.
Komošín Castle is first mentioned in 1334.
The nature reserve Běleč is located west of the town of Švihov.
Malechov is a local part of the village of Dolany. The village is located between Dolany and Švihov.
The monument to the fallen in Dolany was ceremoniously unveiled already on October 10, 1920 as one of the first in Klatovsk.
The wooded hill of Doubrava is a dominant feature of the northwestern surroundings of Klatovy.
The first mention of the village of Svrčovec is in a record from 1334, in which Mr. Púta from Svrčovce is mentioned as the owner.
The village of Výrov is located on the banks of the Úhlava river, just outside Malechov.
It has been one most preserved apothecaries with a Baroque interior in the whole Europe.
The town of Klatovy was founded by the Czech King Přemysl Otakar II in about 1260 alongside the important trade way connecting Bohemia with the Danube basin in Bavaria.
Today it is the oldest preserved building in the town.
They were silent witnesses of the economic expansion period, the most important one in this royal town’s history.
The first written mention of the village of Poleň dates from 1254.
The castle with its water ditch fortification was one of the best fortresses of its period.
The educational trail is 26 km long and is dedicated to historical and natural attractions in Švihov and its immediate surroundings.
The information center in Švihov is located in the town hall building.
The village of Jíno is a local part of the town of Švihov.
The Švihov Water Castle has a unique place among fortification structures.
The town of Švihov is located on a former country road in the beautiful valley of the Úhlava River, ten kilometers north of Klatov.