The oldest known written evidence of the existence of the Chanovice was found in the papal tithe registers. There, in 1352, the Chanovicky church is mentioned and marked as a parish church
In addition to the swimming pool, the local water park has a toboggan, whirlpool, sauna, climbing wall, fitness and refreshments.
Břežany is located in the fertile area of the Horažďovická uplands.
The village of Budětice is located in the district of Klatovy and the territory of the village is part of the Buděticko Nature Park.
The original church in Chanovice is dated as late Romanesque from the first half of the 13th century.
Permanent exhibition of the production and creation of excellent Czech folk craftsmen and in the grounds of the castle in Chanovice.
Information center in Chanovice
The top of the Chlum hill was chosen for the construction because of its location near the village and on the edge of the Chanovské ridge
The first written mention of the village dates from 1045.
There is also a former brewery near the castle.
The newly reconstructed church at the cemetery in Horažďovice.
The church in Horaždovice on the square.
The Jewish cemetery in Horaždovice was restored at the end of the last century
The castle in Horažďovice is located near the square.
Former butcher shops in Horažďovice
Pilgrimage chapel near Horažďovice.
Prácheň Castle was probably built in the 12th century. and took over the task of guarding the Pootava Basin.
The monastery church of the Virgin Mary in Horažďovice stands on the site of a chapel that was built in honor of St. Michael
You can come to Horaždovice Square through the Red Gate.
In Horažďovice, a city founded in 1278, there are certainly a number of monuments worth noting.
There are two campsites in the city, and when passing through the city, paddlers have to cross four weirs ("Špička", "Lipky", "Mrskoš" and "Jarov").
There is a scout clubhouse and a children's playground.
Red circuit: Horažďovice – Svatá Anna – Boubín – Prácheň – Horažďovice (approx. 10 km). For pedestrians.
Anyone who wants to learn something about the history of the town of Kasejovice should go through the local educational trail.
Information center in Kasejovice
The town of Kasejovice is located in the Nepomuck Highlands. The first written mention of the town is from 1264.
The oldest written mention of the village is from 1364
Hliné Újezd is a local part of Malý Bor.
The first written mention of the village of Maňovice dates from 1366.
In addition to the castle premises itself, there is an exhibition of Prague marionettes, regional folklore exhibitions and a permanent exhibition dedicated to mineralogy and traditional crafts, among other things.
Most likely, Myslív was founded during the construction of the Nepomuck monastery by the "Cistercian" order of monks from Ebrach.
Horaždovice - Babín - Kadov - Chanovice - Kvášňovice - Pačejov - Třebomyslice. For cyclists.
Horaždovice - Třebomyslice - Velký Bor - Chanovice - Oselce - Pačejov - Horaždovice. For cyclists.
Olšany is a small village located by the Kovčín Pond.
Educational trail through a lesser-known corner of Pošumaví.
The first written reference to Pačejov dates back to 1227 as a property of St. George's Monastery at Prague Castle.
In the Middle Ages, the village of Pačejov was owned by the monastery of St. George at Prague Castle
The English park built in 1868 according to the project of the architect Bedřich Wunscher is surrounded by the Otava River and Mlýnská stoka.
The terrace with the garden was built at the end of the 17th century on the site of the former castle park.
Center for environmental education, which implements one-day and multi-day educational courses for school groups.
Rabí is notable not only for its primacy among the most extensive castle ruins in Bohemia.
Glass statue of St. John of Nepomuck on the bridge over the Otava in life size.
The original wooden synagogue in Slatina stood in the center of the ghetto.
Horaždovice - Prácheň - Velké Hydčice - Žichovice - Hradešice - Břežany - Třebomyslice - Horaždovice. For cyclists.
The area in Lipká offers residents and visitors of Horažďovice a wide range of sporting activities - there is a football field, tennis courts, a skate park and a boating camp
The listed chapel of St. Bartholomew near Sveradice.
The first written mention of the village dates from 1264.
Hradiště Prácheň was created as part of the castle system of early Přemyslov Bohemia sometime in the middle of the 10th century.
The first written mention of the village of Velké Hydčice is from 1045.
The first written mention of Velký Bor is from 1283.
Yellow circuit: Horažďovice – Střelské Hoštice - Horažďovice suburb (station) – Horažďovice (approx. 12 km). For pedestrians.