The village of Dolany is located in the valley of the Úhlava river 6 km north of the district town of Klatov. The village is first mentioned in 1232, when it belonged to Drslav from the Drslavic family. Since 1238, the village has been listed as the seat of one branch of the lords of Rýzmberk. This family remained in the village until the 15th century and built its residence here - a water fortress, which originally served only economic purposes. Only a few years later was the residential part added. The building was surrounded by a moat. After that, the fortress often changed owners and went through a number of modifications. In the 18th century, the Dolan estate was owned by the Jesuit college in Klatovy. The Jesuits expanded the fortress and modified it for their needs. In the last century, the fort was sold off to private owners for housing, but is now falling into disrepair.
The dominant feature of the village is the church of St. Peter and Paul from 1384. In 1796, its complete reconstruction was carried out, when only the tower was left from the original Gothic building and the rest of the church was rebuilt in the Baroque style. Today's Dolans will welcome you with a picturesque village with well-maintained houses. The area of the village is complemented by a statue of St. John of Nepomuck and the monument to the fallen from 1920. Several buildings of folk architecture have been preserved in the village, the most interesting of which is homestead No. 16. On hot summer days, you can refresh yourself in the reconstructed area of the Dolan swimming pool. In the area itself there is a sports field for tennis and volleyball. Cycle path No. 38 passes through the village, which leads from Merklín to Šumava.

High above the river Úhlava on a promontory stood the Komošín castle from the 14th century. In the 15th century, the castle ceased to be inhabited and has been falling apart ever since.

In the village of Svrčovec you can find the baroque chapel of St. Anne from 1875 and a monument to those who died in the First World War. In the area in front of the chapel, a rest area of the cycle path was built, where it is possible to gain strength for the next journey in a pleasant environment.

Near Malechov, specifically on Malechovská Hůrka, there are the remains of the Hastalsko-Latén hillfort. In the village itself you will find a statue of St. Jan Nepomucký and beautiful buildings of folk architecture in the village. Dolany can boast of a rich volunteer and puppetry tradition. Currently, he prepares about 2 games a year.

Source: Promotional material of the Běleč microregion