Klatovy – Renaissance Burgher Houses

They were silent witnesses of the economic expansion period, the most important one in this royal town’s history, brought about in the 16th century by hops cultivation and busy trade traffic along the way to Bavaria. Although most of the houses were altered in the course of the following centuries, we can still admire some Klatovy renaissance houses displaying their original owners’ wealth.

From among them we should remind the so-called Koškovský House, situated at the corner of the main square Míru and Vídeňská Street. Almost five centuries ago its owner, inspired by Italian Tuscany, let build a double arcade in the inner courtyard. This beautiful quiet spot in the very centre of the town was refurbished in 2010 while being opened to the public, offering not only a pleasant place for rest but also uncommon summer concerts of chamber music. Klatovy visitors’ attention will be certainly caught also by Renaissance façade of the so-called Vlachův House at the corner of Plánická Street and Krameriova Street, with the best preserved sgraffiti decoration in the town and allegorical statues representing some vices and virtues.