Zavlekov - village

The first mention of the village is from 1334, when the owners was Dluhomil from Velhartice. On a high rock he built a fortress, abandoned since 1544. The remains were in the middle of 19th century rebuilt into romantic ruins by earl Taaffe, the owner of the Manor house. In the second half of the 16th century a new fortress was built in the middle of the village, but only the Late Gothic style portal remains. From the rest of the fortress a granary was built, which is registered as a technical monument. The Late Baroque style church of the Holiest Trinity was built on the instigation of earl F.X.Taafe in the year 1773. In front of the church is Late Gothic style stone baptismal font. On the northern fringe of the village four lime trees, 250 years old, are guarding a Wayside Column. In nearby hamlet Nová hospoda the poet Rudolf Mayer (1837 – 1865) was born. Monument at the crossroads is in the memory of poet, from the days of Neruda, who „…is carrying the mark of the countryside and as the first proclaimed its beauty“. From the fragments of his work the best known is the socially tuned ballad „V Poledne“.

Auto camp Valcha by the lake of the same name is administered by the village Zavlekov.