Nalžovské Hory - town

Thanks to this the then hamlet was, in the year 1530, promoted to a town status. At this time it was called Stříbrné Hory (Silver Mountains). Below of which, approximately two hundred years older, was located village Nalžovy. Only for the last half of the century both villages have the same name and administration. In Nalžovy stand out the large grounds of Manor house, originally fortress from 14th century, rebuilt in 18th century to the present appearance. Other dominant point is the Baroque style church of St. Kateřina, with a fascinating gallery of Baroque statues and large Crucifix.

From the 17th to the 20th century the owners of Nalžovské Hory were earls Taaffe of Irish origin. Some members of this family were prominently involved in the destiny of Austria - Hungarian Monarchy. Ludvík Taaffe, the president of Court of Law, minister of Justice, founded the Nalžovský Park. Perhaps due to romance, perhaps due to homesickness he had built, in the Forest Prašivice, a replica of ruins of Ballymonte castle, the home of his ancestors and nearby a Nature park in the Romanesque style with arbour and stone dragon and tortoise.