Klatovy - Jesuit Church of Virgin Mary

Jesuit Church of Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception and of St. Ignatius often labelled as the Baroque art germ of southwest Bohemia originated in the second half of the 17th and in the 18th centuries as part of the Klatovy Jesuit college. The most prominent architects of that time participated in its construction, e.g. C. Luragho, D. Orsi or K.I.Dientzenhofer. The church interior was decorated by J. Hiebl who created remarkable illusive fresco paintings on the main altar and on the cupola. Thanks to a little gallery overcrossing Balbinova Street the church is now reconnected with the former Jesuit college building that was later on - after the Jesuit Order abolition in 1773 - used as a dragoons' garrison house. Today the building accommodates the municipal office and the local library.