Plánice - František Křižík Museum

The birthplace of the inventor is a simple, partly wooden house, which the Pláničtí have been trying to keep in good condition for many years.

Křižík himself later wrote in his memoirs: "My parents lived in Plánica successively in two apartments. I was born in the first one, but soon after we moved to a new apartment, so I only remember this second apartment. It was in Nové Město, Plánica, next to the Ševcovice pub, commonly known as U Banýřů.'

The original exposition, dealing with the life and work of the inventor, was created in the house under the name Křižík's Memorial Hall as early as 1956 - 57. At that time, it was also completely repaired, as the city was commemorating the 110th anniversary of Křižík's birth. On June 15 and 16, 1957, celebrations were held to mark the occasion. By the 1990s, however, this exposition was already quite outdated and represented the person of the inventor in a distorted way in the spirit of the 1950s.
During the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the birth of František Křižík in the summer of 1997, the idea of creating a new exhibition was born. Her father was the chief archivist of the National Technical Museum in Prague PhDr. Jan Hozak. Already in the autumn of the same year, a contract was signed between the town of Plánice, the National Technical Museum, the Prague Exhibition Center and ČEZ, which determined the method of renovation, the appearance of the new exhibition and the necessary financing. The shape of the new exhibition was largely contributed by PhDr. Jan Hozák, who used various documents related to Křižík stored in the National Technical Museum and created high-quality reproductions of them for the plan museum. Here, those interested can view, for example, patent documents, diplomas, awards, samples from Křižík's correspondence, period photographs, samples from the press and many other documents, as well as several three-dimensional objects commemorating the inventor's life and work. New lighting was also made in the exhibition. ČEZ participated financially in the modification, and Výstaviště Praha also provided money, as well as material and its experience. The ceremonial reopening of the museum took place on May 23, 1998. PhDr. Jan Hozák together with Mgr. Karel Klíma, the director of the Prague Exhibition Center, later received honorary citizenship of the city for the creation of a new exhibition and other services to Plánica.

Author: Martin Kříž

Czech Television filmed a program about the museum in František Křižík's birthplace as part of the Wandering Camera series. You can watch it HERE.


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