Hartmanice - Hamižná

At the foot of Hamižná Hill, which has been a nature reserve since 1995, there is a Šumava conservation area with a small educational trail. The protection corner was built on the border of the then military area, in times when it was not allowed to get closer to the state border. There is a pleasant place to sit at a wooden table with a view of Pošumaví, a fireplace ready for an evening bonfire, a mini-grill and a well with drinking water. An interesting feature is the memorial plaque - memory of Dr. Julia Komárka. There are several unique protected plant species in the area. The educational trail is dedicated to the local nature, history, old trade routes and the history of gold mining.

The rumor about Hamižné
About Hamižné mountain

In the days when gold was being mined in the vicinity of Hartmanice, there lived in a small wooden cottage in Ulm a stout farmer with his wife Madlenka and a small son. It was always cheerful in the building, geraniums were blooming outside the windows and singing could be heard from the sitting room. Once, when the wrecker returned from his shift, the cottage was unusually quiet. Suspecting that something had happened, he ran into the living room and saw his wife sitting on a bench unable to move. He carried her to bed, put the son in the care of the neighbors and ran to the doctor in Sušice. However, he was no longer able to help and Madlenka died a few days later. Havíř gave the last money for the funeral and the neighbors no longer wanted to watch the boy for free. Now he had to take care of his little son himself and he couldn't work all day in the mine.

The owner of the mine, a councilor from Kašperské Hory, learned from the stajger that the work in the mine is at a standstill. He got angry at the accident and asked him to return the wages he had received for the work, or to sell him the cottage and the goat. Havíř knew that the owner was a miser and that he would not do anything with him. He packed the most necessary things, took his son in his arms and left the cottage.

He went as fast as he could to Dobrá Voda. Raspberries grew at the edge of the forest. The son wanted to tear, but the wrecker led him on. It was already evening, it was necessary to find a place to stay. However, the boy did not want to give up the raspberries.

"But dad, let me…" He didn't finish. In front of him stood the Permonian Doprej.

Doprej struck the rock with a small hammer, it opened and the permonian called the wrecker further into a small cave full of gold.

"Take what you can carry, wrecker. You'll need it before you raise your son," said Doprej and disappeared.

Havíř respectfully thanked and bowed deeply to the little man. Zlat took only as much gold as he thought he would need and returned to his cottage.

The neighbors had already calculated that they would buy Havíř's cottage cheaply from the owner of the mine for their farm. To their disappointment, however, its inhabitants returned, with gold in addition, and immediately ran to tell the stajgr. When the owner of the mine heard from him about the sudden enrichment of the wrecker, he set off after him in a carriage and with the Kasperskohora claws.

"You are a thief. You dug in my mine for yourself and cheated on me", accused the wrecker. The latter defended himself by saying that he had never stolen anything, but by that time, thugs from the neighborhood had already rushed to the cottage to defend their friend. The master pressed on, and since the other wreckers were also curious, he decided to tell the truth about how he got the gold. When he had finished, the master immediately began to order: "Havíř, give me your hut." Now I'm going to go after the permonik myself. They will surely give me as much gold as I can carry.'

As he said, so he did, and he set out in the wrecker's clothes to the place in the forest where Doprej appeared. When he was there, he sat down on a log and waited to see what would happen. After some time, Doprej appeared next to him.

"It's enough that you're already here," he said, as soon as the permonic appeared.

"Give me some of your treasures," he added.

Indulge said nothing, just hit the rock with his hammer. The master hurried through the dark passage inside to the sluice, where yellow lumps of gold shone. “It's all my honey! How can I just take them away?'

Doprej tapped the rock with his hammer again, and at this signal, a second permonian named Trestej appeared in the slush.

"Then all the gold is yours. Let's see! You are greedy and a scumbag. Right, my brother called me to punish you. I'll turn you into a lump of gold so you can stay here with the gold. And the mountain will be named Hamižná according to your humiliatingness to warn others like you.''

So the master stayed underground. Havíř then bought a gold mine and took a housekeeper to help him raise his son. And because he liked her, there was a wedding and happiness returned to Ulm.

Notes and source

Gold mining in the area of Hartmanice and Kašperské Hory started sometime at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. Old mining works have been preserved here in a number of places.

Ulm - this is the local name for the part of the city of Hartmanice above the church, roughly from the fire station to the security corner. On old German maps, the location is called "Alm".

Stajgr = mine supervisor.

Hamižná - hill above Hartmanice, at the foot of which we can find a conservation area with a 1.5 km long educational trail. After mining, up to 3 m deep pits were preserved here. There are information boards on the trail that represent the area in terms of natural science and history. There are several rare protected plant species in the area, which are rare elsewhere in the Šumava.

Pramen: Rumors from the mysterious and magical places of Pošumaví, published by the Local Action Group of Pošumaví in cooperation with MAS St. John of Nepomuk and the Aktivios Civic Association as part of the three-volume publication Legends from mysterious and magical places within the cooperation project "Let's revive monuments and legends from mysterious and magical places together", supported by the Rural Development Program of the Czech Republic, measure IV.2.1.

Researcher Vilém Kudrlička included the rumor in his book Šumavské povesti, Pilsen 1986, who combined it with other rumors about gold mining. Dana Reindlová from the Municipal Information Center Hartmanice provided it in a shortened and edited version for this publication.