Chudenice - castle linden

The castle lime tree is a protected memorial tree on the terrace in front of the main entrance to the Old Castle. It was planted in 1776, during the reconstruction of the castle. A healthy large-leaved linden (Tilia platyphyllos) grows at an altitude of 495 m. The circumference of its trunk measures 388 cm and the crown reaches a height of 20 m (2004 measurement). It has been protected since 1978 due to its height and age. This lime tree is not the only one around the Old Castle.

A 150-year-old linden tree grows on the south side of the courtyard. The four linden trees by the wall to the wine cellar were planted after the plots were parceled out. They were dropped off by the daughter of MUDr. Šetky, Liběna, with grandfather Zoubkovic - an employee at the Czernin family estate from Chudenice, around 1920.

Source: town of Chudenice