Zborovy - church of st. John the Baptist

The original Romanesque rotunda is from the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries. In the 17th century and 18th century the church was rebuilt. Church of St. John the Baptist is a building made of broken stone, plastered, originally Romanesque, with an apse and an original window, without significant architectural and decorative elements of this style. The church was founded around 1200, but the exact time of foundation is unknown. The only sources are legends about the foundation of the village. In the XVIII desk it was rebuilt in the Baroque style (vaults and stucco decoration), repaired and restored in 1778.

The round nave measures 710 cm in diameter, above it rises a cupola made of broken stone to a height of 840 cm. The triumphal semi-circular arch opens into the presbytery, which is vaulted with a flagstone. On the left is the door to the sacristy, on the right is a baroque window.

The building ends with a 220 cm deep apse glazed with an irregular conch. The brick mensa of the altar in the presbytery is baroque, on the wall of the apse there is a primitive painting of St. John the Baptist from more recent times. Inside the church there are pews and a very modest altar with only candles on it.

Source: Zborovy village