Castle Nemilkov

The castle with a waterside yard is located on the edge of the small village of Nemilkov on the road between Klatovy and Sušica. The castle and its outbuildings form a regular trapezoid and is a typical example of a noble residence. In the middle of the courtyard is a fountain and a former carriage house.

The entire area, and especially the renovated carriage house, offers use for various social and family events. The largest hall in the castle is a baroque ballroom with a chapel. Although this hall is still awaiting its reconstruction, concerts and other social events have already been held here. In the future, we plan to renovate the hall in the spirit of the baroque, and return it to its original social and spiritual functions (see the appendix "Let's save the baroque dance hall").

Outdoor refreshments are available in the courtyard, so the visitor can spend a pleasant time here.

The vast majority of organized events are also accessible to disabled citizens.

We look forward to your visit,
Kaplan and Hager