Plánice - Zdebořice – chapel of St. Vojtěch

In Zdebořice, the chapel of St. Vojtěcha and the massive rock above it, from which in good weather there is a nice view of the wide surroundings. The legend of St. Vojtěch and his traces in stone. St. Vojtěch was supposed to serve mass on the rock above the chapel. Similar legends can be found in a number of places in Klatovsk and Přeštic (for example, the chapel of St. Blažej near Věckovice near Klatov). Rumors refer to places where St. Vojtěch stopped on his second journey from Rome to Prague.

From the Zdebořické rock, which is part of an important landscape element of the so-called Zdebořické tracks, there is a wonderful view not only of the village itself, but also of the Šumava panorama.

Source: Ing. Martin Kriz