Plánice - castle

The mansion, of which we find the first mention in historical sources in 1584, was built in Plánice only in the 16th century. There were no conditions for this before. The Cistercian order only had a palatial court here, and the Švamberks did not reside here. The Renaissance fortress in the town was probably built during the reign of Vilém of Šternberk. The fortress was built in the waterfront yard in the northern part of the square. Unfortunately, we don't know what she looked like. From the description from 1604 it is only clear that it had a tower. During its further existence, the building was often modified, the Martinic family had it rebuilt in the Baroque style at the beginning of the 18th century. Under the Wallis family, the castle served as offices and apartments for the estate's officials.

Today, it consists of a two-story building covered with a mansard roof with an addition to the north wing. In the description of the Zelenohorský manor mentioned in the chapter History of the city, a description of the equipment of the manor house - individual rooms, kitchen, chambers and other spaces - has been preserved. I choose from the description: "The upper estate on Plánice". In the front rooms: large armor for seven people in the living room, five long towels, ten short ones, ten torn and good towel handles, two old saddle towels, one forman's hever, six iron brick molds and six wooden ones, craft utensils: nine headbands and two bridles, three rear dishes for the horse, four pairs of yoke straps, two harnesses and two pairs of 'powodcz', two braces, three new clamps..." After 1945, the buildings of the chateau No. 1 began to be used by the Úslava JZD, and today they are in him apartments.

Source: Ing. Martin Kriz