Nalžovské Hory - Velenovy - chapel of St. Jan Nepomucký

Chapel of St. Jan Nepomucký in Velenovy. The village belonged in the 13th century. to the monastery of St. George at Prague Castle. In 1591, Radslav from Vchynice is commemorated here, and in 1601, Bedřich Švihovský, who permanently annexed the village to the Nalžov estate. Chapel of St. Jan Nepomucký was completed and consecrated in 1909 mainly due to the merit of Josef Antonín Húlka, a local native and bishop of České Budějovice. The chapel was reconstructed between 1964 and 1988 and today it is an important representative of the neo-Romanesque style in the region.

Source: and Smolík Luboš, Chapels and Chapels of Horažďovicka, published by the Regional Office of the Pilsen Region, 2010

Nalžovské Hory - Velenovy
341 01 Horaždovice