Hartmanice - Golden path - long-distance tourist route

Since the Middle Ages, Bohemia and the Danube have been connected by the historic Golden Route, which was named after the wealth it brought. The route system has stabilized in the form of three main branches: Prachatice, Vimper and Kasperskohora. Today, thanks to a joint project of the Pilsen and South Bohemia regions, it is possible to follow in the footsteps of these historical trails and get to know the unique nature and unique sights of the "Green Roofs of Europe". It is enough to follow the newly marked tourist routes with a total length of 631 km, which were created as part of the Interreg project and connect to the network of the same name in Eastern Bavaria (Goldsteig), which are connected by thirteen cross-border routes.
On the territory of the Pošumaví tourist area z.s. and MAS Pošumaví z.s. Dobrá Voda u Hartmanice is a suitable tourist starting point, from where you can go south through the Kašperské Hory to České Budějovice or west through Hartmanicko to Kdyńsko and further to Chodová Planá.
In the Bavarian Forest, the network of the Golden Trails was expanded to include historic trade routes – the Bavarian Trail (107 km), the Česká Trail (51.7 km), the Vintíř Trail (71.8 km) and the Prachaty branch of the historic Golden Trail (39.1 km) total length of 270 km. In the Upper Palatinate Forest, already existing blue jumpers, such as the Nurtschweg, enable connections.

There is also a dense network of connecting roads on the Czech side. There are seven cross-border crossings in the Pilsen region, five in South Bohemia, plus two connecting routes. Thus, depending on your taste and mood, you can switch from the Golden Trail on the Bavarian side to the Czech route with a total length of 289 km and, of course, return along this route as well.

More detailed information about the Golden Path, including interactive maps, is available on the project's website here