Hartmanice - Swedish graves - Schwedengrab

The chapel is surrounded by a low wall. The place is called Swedish graves due to its probable connection to the Thirty Years' War.

Listen to an interesting fact: It is said that in the 17th century, during the 30-year war between Mouřenec and Palvínov, Catholic (Austrian) and Protestant (Swedish) troops clashed. There were many dead on both sides and while the Catholics could be buried at Mouřenac, the Protestants were buried extra at this place in a common grave. During the Josephine reforms, the cemetery was to be abolished and the soldiers' remains stored in the mortuary. War opponents could thus meet after death - or their bones. If it really was like that, it is a certain paradox and irony of fate. You can find the Swedish grave about 1 km from Mouřenac on the road to Palvínov. Currently, the city of Hartmanice (on whose cadastre it is located) has decently repaired this memorial place.