Dolany - church of st. Peter and Paul

Church of St. Peter and Paul in Dolany was built in the years 1794 - 99. The ground floor of the tower is probably from the 17th century and is a remnant of an older church. The history of the church begins already in the 14th century (1384), but the original building has not been preserved, because at the end of the 14th century the old church was demolished and a new one was built. The foundation stone was laid in 1797. The stone was excavated near the village of Svrčovci, and the remains of the holy martyrs Pius, Pope Primus, Placid and Reperat, coins of the time and two documents written in Czech and Latin were placed in the stone. Only the old tower, 32 m high, remained from the old church.

Material from the canceled chapel of St. John the Baptist nad Týnec and from the abolished church of St. Wolfgang from Chudenice. The new church was consecrated in 1799. It has a single nave with side choirs and two sacristies, 23 m long and 16 m wide.

The interior of the church, with a few exceptions, mostly dates from the 19th century. The main altar is wooden, marbled with gold ornaments, late Renaissance style from the end of the 16th century. In 1872, two side altars were made: the Holy Cross and the Land Patrons. The pulpit is also from the same period. The Stations of the Cross was purchased in 1859 from the Pilsen painter Herzog, who also painted the main altarpiece of St. Peter and Paul at Mother of God Help (1858). In the jubilee year of 1897, the altar of Our Lady of Lourdes was built. The statue with the cave comes from Tyrol.

The oldest parts of the church include the cross on the left side altar, which was built by Jan Fischer in 1664, and in the right corner of the lavarotium is the rest of the refectory of the Jesuit college from Klatov from the end of the 16th century.

Source: information posted in the church in Dolany