Chudenice - Bolfánek

The dominant feature of Chudenick, visible from afar, is the Bolfánek lookout tower. From this tower, which is located on the highest peak of the Žďár forest (583 m above sea level), it is possible to overlook the wide surroundings and enjoy the local picturesque landscape. The tower is the remains of the church of St. Wolfgang, also called Bolfánek, is an honored diminutive of the name Wolfgang.

St. Wolfgang was originally a bishop in Regensburg in Bavaria, who contributed to the spread of Christianity in what was then Bohemia and significantly contributed to the establishment of the bishopric in Prague (in 973). Legend has it that Wolfgang walked from Regensburg to Prague to consecrate the first bishop of Prague, and on the way back he stopped at the hill near Chudenice, where he spent the night and founded a church. Several rumors have been preserved about the construction of the church itself.

The forerunner of the lookout tower was a chapel that stood on the same spot as today's lookout tower. It was built to commemorate the visit of Bishop Wolfgang, who slept here on his way from Prague in 983. The hill was named after him (St. Wolfgang). In the years 1722 - 1725, at the instigation of František Josef Černín, a baroque pilgrimage church was built on the site of the chapel according to the architect Maxmilián Kaňka. The church fell into disrepair after it, like many others, was closed in 1786 due to the religious reform of Emperor Joseph II. In 1810 it had to be demolished due to great dilapidation. However, in 1845, the tower that remained after the church was raised to a height of 45 meters and converted into a lookout tower. It was equipped with a roof with five turrets and a Gothic pavlan. This work was carried out by master carpenter J. Kubát from Pušperk. 138 steps lead to the top of the tower. The reward for the effort expended when climbing to the top of the observation tower is an unforgettable, perfect circular view of the Šumava panorama, the peaks of the Bohemian Forest, you can also see Radyni, Pilsen and Brdy, and with good visibility the Ore Mountains and the peaks of the Alps. mass Josef Dobrovský.

The rebuilt church was 26 meters long, with a rectangular nave and a narrower presbytery facing the east. The original tower was onion-shaped and only later was it rebuilt into its current form, the model of which was said to be the Black Tower in Klatovy. It wasn't until 1897 that the current chapel near the tower was established. It shows the rock on which St. Wolfgang stood as he said goodbye to the Poor People. In the stone it is possible to see the footprint and indentations of the bishop's crutch, and healing effects are also attributed to it. Under the chapel there is a stone bed, on which it is said that St. Wolfgang overslept. Altarpiece of St. Wolfgang blessing the town of Chudenice was painted by Countess Františka Černínová.


Rumors about Bolfánek:

Chudenice - A football with a devil's crack

The pilgrimage church of St. Wolfgang stood on the hill of Žďár nad Chudenice. After the abolition of the church by Joseph II and the demolition of the nave, its tower was converted into a lookout tower. Today, the place is popularly called Bolfánek. According to legend, this church was founded by Bishop Wolfgang of Rzeszów when he was returning home in 973 after the consecration of Sas Dětmar as the first Czech bishop in Prague. The problem was that what he and his company built during the day, the devil demolished at night. He therefore made an agreement with the devil that the soul of the first person to enter the new church would belong to him. After the completion of the church, the wolf was the first to run in, and the disappointed devil disappeared with a loud crash through a hole in the rock. It is currently about 15 cm wide and it is said that if a person passes through it, the world will end.

End of the world

There is a chapel attached to the tower and in it a stone with the footprint of St. Wolfgang. According to legend, the saint guarded the fissure here so that the devil could not return day and night and slept on the stone. Healing effects are attributed to this stone.

The sacred triangle

The former church of St. Wolfganga (Bolfánek) is, according to legend, one of the three churches of the sacred triangle. This triangle is located between the churches in Bukova and Otěšice. Large natural disasters and misfortunes should be avoided in the triangle. When the end of the world comes, only those people who hide here will survive.