Plánice - Zdebořice

Zdebořice is a local part of the town of Plánice. We find the first written mention of the village in 1352, when it is written as Sdoborzicz and is therefore probably the oldest settlement in Plánick. The name Zdebořice probably originated from the name Zdebor, i.e. the village of the Zdebor people or as the village of Zdebořice. The later form of Stobořice, introduced since the 16th century, is still used today. In the past, Zdebořice was a separate estate that belonged to the planic estate. At the beginning of the 17th century, Jindřich Koc of Dobrš acquired Zdebořice from Ladislav of Šternberk. Later, the village became part of the Tynek estate. Zdebořice had 53 descriptive numbers in 1902, in which 303 inhabitants lived. At that time, the village had a two-class general school and a parish church.

Source: Martin Kříž