Plánice - Nová Plánice

Nová Plánice is a local part of the town of Plánice. Nová Plánice is located 4 km southwest of Plánice, on the southern slope above the stream Oborka and 1 km east of Křížovice. The village lies at an altitude of 603 m above sea level, which towards the south is surpassed by Křížovická hora at a height of 660 m.

Nová Plánice is definitely the youngest municipality under the administration of the Municipal Office in Plánice. The impetus for its foundation was given in 1842 by the citizens of Planica, Mašek, Čuda, Zelzer, Bělík, Brožek and Janský. At that time, the town of Plánice had to supply the state with soldiers from anywhere. Therefore, the decision was made to build a village outside the city, which would become an auxiliary source of conscripts. This decision also seemed appropriate to the citizens of the plains, who owned land for cultivation relatively far away - as far as Křížovice. The city therefore had the architectural design of the village drawn up and invited interested parties from all over Bohemia to apply as new settlers. Among those registered were Germans from Šumava, citizens from Plánice, but the most registered were residents of Křížovice.

At the place where Nová Plánice stands, there used to be a sparse forest with a nice pasture, which began to slowly disappear in 1840 and the first small cottages began to grow. Building the settlement was difficult due to a lack of funds. Nevertheless, by 1845 there were 29 houses. In the meantime, the citizens bought a cross on a stone plinth with common money, which still stands in the middle of the village today. In 1844, the citizens bought water from Křížovické and led its mouth to the middle of the village. A year later, the official name of the settlement Nová Plánička was also listed in the archives, which was later changed to Nová Plánica. However, the settlers among themselves named the heir as Nuzarov, which was supposed to reflect the difficult beginnings full of poverty and subsistence. Although living at that time was difficult and our ancestors had to earn a living, civic belonging, friendship and unbreakable faith in God led them to a public fundraiser for the construction of a chapel, which is still the dominant feature of the village today. The fact that the constructions were complex is evidenced by the long period during which they took place, namely the years 1879 to 1889.

An important date in the history of the village is undoubtedly the year 1927, when the Volunteer Fire Brigade was founded. It became, especially in the second half of the last century, the center of all events in the village for many decades. He participated in firefighting competitions and parades for various occasions, in cooperation with the then Women's Union, organized firemen's balls, carnivals for children, MDŽ celebrations and Christmas gatherings. Just as it was for decades in the past, today the village lives the quiet, peaceful life of a village in Pošumaví.