Plánice - Zbyslav

The first written mention of Zbyslav comes from 1552. At that time, however, it was written as Zbislaw. The name of the village originated from the personal name Zbyslav or Zbislav or Zbizlay or Sbislav.

The territory of the village originally belonged to the Nepomuck Cistercian monastery, which administered a large area from Mlázov to Zdemyslicíce. During the course of history, the village gradually belonged to the Zelenohorské manor, the German estate and the Plánice manor. In 1556, Ladislav of Šternberk acquired a quarter of the Zelenohora estate, which also included the village of Zbyslav. However, his son of the same name managed poorly and had to sell part of the villages, including Zbyslav. At the very beginning of the 17th century, Zbyslav came into the hands of Jan Čejka from Olbramovice, who owned the nearby Němčice. In 1636, Václav Perglár from Perglas acquired Zbyslav, together with the indebted German estate. In 1668, Zbyslav was rejoined to the Planic estate, as the German estate was bought by Maxmilián Valentin, Count of Martinice. Zbyslav remained a part of the Plánice goods even under the other owners of Plánice - the Wallis. At the end of the 18th century, there were 17 houses in Zbyslav. In 1900, the village fell under the parish and post office in Němčice. There were 43 houses in which 256 inhabitants of Czech nationality lived. In 1931, there were 44 houses and 211 inhabitants. Currently, 54 addresses are registered in the village.

In Zbyslav, just outside the village, there is a chapel above a miraculous well and an interesting torment of God, around which the path leads to the chapel. The Church of God's Passion in Zbyslav is an architecturally unique and historically valuable sacral monument of folk architecture in the local region. The time of their creation can only be estimated based on the markings on historical maps. The chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary was probably built at the end of the 17th century by Countess Morzinová, the wife of the imperial chamberlain Mikuláš František of Morzin, the owner of nearby Měcholup, out of gratitude for her recovery from an incurable disease.

Since 1975, Zbyslav has been an integrated local part of the town of Plánice.

Part of Zbyslav is a local part called Stuchlovna (local name). It is a settlement of twelve houses by the road from Klatov to Plánice. The first houses here were probably built at the beginning of the 19th century. Although Stuchlovna is about one and a half kilometers from Zbyslav, it belongs to this village. However, it is directly adjacent to the village of Vítkovice.

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