Hradešice - Černíč

The first written mention of Černíč is from 1377, but it is very likely that the village already existed at that time. The floor plan also corresponds to the fact that it is a seat of high medieval origin. In the 17th century, it belonged to the Nalžov estate of Ferdinand Václav Švihovský from Rýzmberk and eventually became part of the Horaždovice estate. In 1654, a total of 15 homesteads were recorded in the village, of which 11 were peasant plots. Within Horažďovick, Černíč is a relatively valuable residence. Along the perimeter of the vast, oval-shaped village, there are a number of homesteads of the powdery type with smooth facades and gates. A rectangular chapel from the first half of the 19th century, dedicated to St. Martin. Under Černíčí there used to be the largest pond in the region called Velký, which is shown on the stable cadastre map from 1837. On July 7, 1854, after heavy rains, its dam burst and the subsequent flood caused great damage as far as Horažďovice.