Dolany - Výrov

The village of Výrov is located on the banks of the Úhlava river, just outside Malechov. In historical sources it is mentioned about Jindřich from Výrov, then in the middle of the 16th century the village is registered as Wayrow and then for four centuries it is found as Weyrow. In both cases, the non-literary form of Vejrov is captured. The name Výrov was only used in 1848. According to the name of this village, it can be judged that there was property, probably a yard, a kind of Výr. Although this name is not documented in the past. The name probably originated from the word výr, which used to be not only a designation of a bird species, but also a swear word, which still resonates today in the connection You are but výr.
As long as Malechov was an independent municipality, Výrov was its settlement. Gradually, Malechov together with the village of Výrov fell to the Dolans.