Nalžovské Hory - Otěšín

A number of legends are connected to Otěšín:

Little man

A little man used to visit a householder in Otěšín, whose coat was dripping with water from the road. Once, when the housekeeper had a baby, it wasn't locked and the little man sneaked into the kitchen disguised as a tramp. The farmer was just rolling the dough for the muffins, and she jumped into bed after the child and hid behind the corner diaper. No unclean power had power over her there. However, the little man also made a face: "Did you consult with the devil?!" He angrily jumped on the wall and trampled all her dough, then disappeared. Since then, the peasant woman preferred to lock the door if she was alone at home.

Parade of souls

A day laborer from Otěšín used to go to the Sedlečko farm every morning. Once he got the clock wrong and left at midnight. When he arrived at work, he realized that it was too early and went home to sleep for another hour. In front of everyone he met a strange procession. As the figures came closer, the man was horrified to discover that they were dead. He ran to Otěšín and was still in bed regretting his night journey.

A wild woman

Anyone walking across a semi-trailer in Otěšín at night could see a wild woman by the wall of a farmhouse. Barefoot and bare-haired, dressed in a white robe, she prayed here. To get rid of her, they built a cross in that place. Since then, the wild woman has not appeared.

Conversation with the firefly

Once, during a dark night, a peasant was returning from Letovy to Otěšín. Here a light joined him and accompanied him, so that he could see the road well. When they came to the cross, the light began to go out. The farmer was glad that he didn't break his legs on the way, so he says: "Thank you, Lord, for giving me light!" The little lamp rustled: "Thank you, God, for freeing me!" he thought it was some cursed soul and went home satisfied.

Otěšín cross

An iron cross stands on the dirt road to the Mountains. A light appeared every night in this place and haunted travelers. That's why the neighbors agreed and built a cross here. Since then, the light has not appeared.

Source: Ondřej Fibich, Prácheňský poklad, collection of legends, vintage