Nalžovské Hory - Velenovy

The first mention of the village dates back to the 13th century, when it was the property of the George Monastery in Hradčany. The dominant building in the village is the church of St. Jan of Nepomuck from the 19th century.

The Velenov are mentioned in the following stories:

About werewolves
In ancient times, werewolves lived among the Velen. When the young women were late for their party and walked home alone in the dark, the werewolves appeared to them in human form and lured them into the woods. They also waited for travel expenses and negotiated purchase contracts with them. In doing so, they gave them a dowry, but such money was subsequently turned into coal. This and other things were told by Sour's grandmother.

Devilish background
Not far from Velenov, there is a peak called Hájek. Here, a large boulder stuck out of the ground, on which devils are said to have sat and imprinted their behinds. They made a fire here, where they waited for strays to seek their souls.
Source: Ondřej Fibich, Prácheňský poklad, collection of legends, vintage