Plánice - Bližanovy

Bližanovy is a local part of the town of Plánice. We find the first mention of the village in 1551, when it was part of the Zelená Hora estate. Originally, the village was apparently called Bližanov. This form originated from the personal name Bližan, i.e. Bližan's.

In the middle of the village is the chapel of St. Vojtěch.

The village is located on both banks of the Bližanovské (Klikařovské) stream in the valley between the spurs of Buzdrakova and Kakova.

Source: Ing. Martin Kriz

A story told in a legend took place in the vicinity of Bližanov:

Between Neurazy and Myslív rises a group of hills called Kakov. On one of them, above the village of Bližanovy, there is a rock called "Big Stone".

Near this place, in ancient times, there lived a knight who fell out of favor with the prince and had no choice but to flee the country. But what about the wealth he has accumulated in his life so far? He didn't think twice, he took all his gold, silver and precious stones and hid them in this rock. He left and never returned to these places. Perhaps he was caught by the prince's armourers, perhaps he died in a faraway country longing for home... Who knows? All the people knew was that the hidden treasure was guarded by a fiery dog that sat here and wildly rolled its eyes if anyone approached the rock. In fact, he often went around the entire mountain. The gamekeepers often saw him, but preferred to avoid him.

A long time passed and no one came to try to claim the treasure. Everyone was afraid of the black guard with red eyes. Until once, a woman with her tiny child rushed this way. It was Good Friday. When she came to the rock, what did she see? It's open, there's no sign of the guard, and inside it's so glistening that it's impossible to see. Lakota did not give her. She knew that the black guardian had lost his power over the treasure today. When she saw so many precious things in the pile, she quickly put the child down and rushed to the gold herself to collect as much of it as she could in her apron. She was not yet full when she noticed that the entrance to the rock was slowly closing. She took off and happily ran through it. She hurried home joyfully, looking forward to what she would buy with the gold she found. As soon as she ran home, she spilled all the gold from her apron down the drain. And in that she realized that she had forgotten her child in the rock. She ran back crying, but she wailed and lamented in vain, the rock did not deliver the child. All she had to do was wait until a year later, on Good Friday, the Passion will be read in the Neuraz church and the rock will open again.

So she returned home sadly and another disappointment awaited her there. She barely looked around, not a single monument for gold, just shiny stones and a pile of dirt. That's why the treasure was so heavy! She forgot that only a pure and innocent soul can possess it!

A year seemed like an eternity to her. She counted the days and when the expected time came, she rushed to the rock again and did not disappoint. she didn't even notice the treasure in the pile anymore, she grabbed her child and hurried out with him. She had her treasure, more precious than all gold and precious stones. She was not even happy to see that the child was holding in his hand a piece of gold with which he was playing in the rock. And that was what remained of the treasure.

Source: according to Roman Tykal's article The Legend of the Big Stone, Folklore Collection of Southern Pilsen Pod Zelenou Horou 4/2000v