Dolany - Malechov

Malechov is a local part of the village of Dolany. The village is located between Dolany and Švihov. The first surviving mention of Malech comes from around 1350. Once upon a time, there was probably only a yard belonging to a certain Malech on the site of today's village. The history of the settlement of this place is certainly even older, because in the forest above the village, on Malechovská Hůrka, there are the remains of the Hastala-Latén castle, which was created seven hundred years before our era. In the middle of the 14th century, the village of Malechov is recorded, located between Dolan and Švihov, however, it was then registered as Malechow. For centuries the village belonged to Švihov, but in 1706 it was acquired by the Černín family.