Červené Poříčí

The village of Červené Poříčí is located about 15 kilometers north of the city of Klatovy. The first mentions of Červený Poříčí in historical sources appear in 1318, when Jaroslav of Poříčí and his brother Drslav appear in documents. The owners of Poříčí's riverside court and villages during the High Middle Ages are not well known. Radislav z Kocovo appears here, who owned the village around 1411. After him, there is mention of Mr. Jan from Rýzmberk and Rábí in 1473. At that time, Poříčí joins to the Švihov manor, where it remains until Jindřich of Rýzmberk, who sells the polužni dvůr and the village to Jindřich Mladot of Jimanice. In 1569, the village, court and fortress changed hands again.

Together with the mill in Jinín, Jindřich Mladota sells the village of Poříčí to Mikuláš Šic from Drahenice. This owner started the construction of the castle, but died in 1571. After that, Adam Šic from Drahenice took charge of the Poříč manor. As a landlord, he proved to be successful and gradually added Třebýcin, Kokšín, Vosí, Jinín and Kbel to the Poříč estate. After his death in 1591, his brother Albrecht continues to manage the farm well. Thanks to their successful management, a saying was passed down in the region: "Mr. Koc of Borovsk has a lot of money. Mister Šic of Poříč has even more."

The village was originally named Korunní Poříčí after one of the many families of the Poříč estate – the Kronbergs. Only later, in the 18th century, according to the striking red roof of the castle, the name Červené Poříčí began to be used. An important landmark of the village is the Renaissance castle, a national cultural monument, which attracts many visitors with its picturesque silhouette. The castle was built on the site of the original fortress in 1611 in the style of the Saxon Renaissance. Adjacent to the castle is a park, on the wall of which were placed stone busts of Czech monarchs from 1765, which can be seen today in the entrance hall of the castle. Among the important buildings in the village is the baroque chapel of the Sacred Heart of Christ with unique decoration, which belongs to the castle. The Baroque style in the village is further represented by the chapel of St. John of Nepomuck from the 18th century with a high baroque shield, a statue of St. John of Nepomuck and a manor mill from 1718. The village also houses a former brewery from the 18th century, whose beer called Poříčský Regent was widely known. From Červené Poříčí there is a beautiful walk to Tuhošť hill, where there are the remains of a 3000-year-old fort.

Source: www.cerveneporici.cz - From the book about the Červený Poříčí and the brochure of the Běleč microregion