The village of Svojšice lies in a wooded landscape at the ridge of the Iron Mountains. It is reminiscent of the Gothic fortress of the Svojšice rulers, founded in 1365 by Mikšík of Svojšice.

The history of the village is related to the history of this fortress. It covers the area of 193 hectares, consisting of a single cadastral area (Svojšice near Choltice) and two basic settlement units (Svojšice, Svojšice-Cihelna).

The municipality belongs to the administrative district of the municipality with extended competence Přelouč within the Pardubice Region. Near the village of Svojšice there are 2 cottage areas „Okrouhlík“ and „Rašovy“.

In the past, the village of Svojšice was famous for its festivals in the local cultural area such as folk songs „Svojšický slunovrat“ and „Svojšický letorost“, brass band music festival „Jelínek‘s Svojšice“, but also recent festivals of modern music and concerts.