The name of municipality Ostřešany cannot be satisfyingly justified.

It is said that it came from word “sharp” or “roof”. The oldest mention about the municipality is from 23. 12. 1340 in the last will of the knight Arnošt from Pardubice in which he passes Pardubice and some villages, except of Ostřešany, to his son Arnošt who was a dean in Prague in the main church of the Virgin and later he became the first archbishop of Prague.

In 1563 the municipality Ostřešany were having 30 residents. The municipality Ostřešany belonged to the so called “feudal system” of Tuněchody. In the chronicle from 1651is written that Ostřešany has its own so called “feudal system”.

The “feudal system” was placed in the house of today’s number 11 and covered villages: Ostřešany, Drozdice, Žitím, Černá za Bory, Nemošice and Pardubičky. The interesting pieces of the municipality are a chapel from 1898 and the house number 11 of famous painter Eva Filemonová, her house is special by its facade decoration.