Municipality Lukavice is located in the foothills of the Iron Mountains in the latitude of 310 m above the sea level, 10 km to the south from Chrudim.

Municipality has been glorified mainly by mining and by processing of pyrite. At the turn of the 18th and 19th century the local chemical factory used to be the biggest in the Habsburg monarchy.

Mines were closed in 1892 and their preserved remains are today are protected as technical monument. Factory ended its functionality in 1905. In Lukavice in the place called

Na Hrádku is located an old oak which is old about 580 years. The trunk circumference is 710 cm and its height is 31 m.

Monument of mining is a small chateau built in the 1st part of the 18th century as Mining Office of Pyrite Mines. Nowadays it is a seat of the municipal office.