České Lhotice

Municipality of České Lhotice is formed by its parts: České Lhotice, Hradiště and Vedralka and it has 116 residents.

Nowadays, some of the houses are used for a recreation. On the north from the municipality lies the valley of river Chrudimka with dam of Křižanovice and a natural reservation Krkanka.

Before construction of the dam tourists visited this valley and they called Chrudimka “A Silver River”. Headland above the river has been already inhabited in the past. Till these days is visible a Celtic housing estate – oppidum from the 2nd and the 1st century BC.

This place is an archaeological reservation which contains a part of educational trail of Celts of the Iron Mountains. On the edge of Hradiště is an evangelistic church built from 1824 till 1847.

The lookout tower Boika near České Lhotice offers a great view and nearby pond Vedralka offers swimming opportunity in the nature.