The village of Barchov is situated 8 km southwest of Pardubice. The first historical written mention comes from 1228 in link with the donation at that time of the village Vysoké Veselí to the Opatovice Monastery.

Barchov, the village beneath the hill, lies on the left bank of Podolka river. In older times, the willows grew so thickly that Barchov was nicknamed Barch‘s willow.

In the village there is a statue of St. John, a bell tower from 1868 with a cross, a municipal library and a memorial of fallen citizens in the 1921 World War I.

The building of the Municipal Office currently serves as a social centre. It is a former school building, built in 1931.

There is a small engineering workroom, garden centre, car repair shop, carpenter and private farmer. By 1st January 2019, Barchov had 250 inhabitants.