Klatovy - Glass Pavilion

Since 2014 a collection of major historical importance of glass made at the turn of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century, can be seen in the gardens next to the Ethnography Museum of Dr. Hostaš in Klatovy. The glass was made in the Lötz Glass Factory in Klášterský Mlýn, situated in the valley of the River Otava near Kašperské Hory. This company was renowned for its luxury Art Nouveau glass and art glass and it was at the forefront of modern European glass design. The exhibits represent the very best of world glass production.

The Glass Pavilion in Klatovy, with its more than 500 exhibits, represents the largest European collection of the Lötz Glass factory production accessible to the public. The collection is remarkable thanks to its extraordinary diversity. The visitors can see the largest array of shapes and designs produced by the Lötz Glass Factory.

This unique collection is in the private ownership of an Austrian collector who decided to open the collection to the public, in the Šumava Region where the glass was originally made.