Švihov - educational trail

The trail is 26 km long and is dedicated to historical and natural attractions in Švihov and its immediate surroundings. The inner circuit introduces visitors to 10 boards with the rich history of the town of Švihov - they will learn, among other things, how the name Švihov came about, who owned all this manor, why the local owners often quarreled, or why the local water castle was impregnable in the Middle Ages.

The outer circuit takes visitors to the surroundings of Švihov and, on 10 boards, they explain, for example, the fate of the Kokšín castle, the inhabitants of the Stará Úhlava natural monument, the creation and demise of the prehistoric castle in Tuhošt, or the rich history of the Renaissance castle in Červený Poříčí.

The educational trail is 26 kilometers long, but the route can be shortened in three places by returning along the marked hiking trails, at the 8th, 16th, and 18th kilometers.

Map of the inner circuit

Map of the outer ring