Hartmanice - Kochánov

Kochánov is one of the Kralovák manors that were scattered across Šumava. It is located at an altitude of 880 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Radkov. Not far from Kochánov at Sova Solitude are some of the last death boards that have survived in Šumava to this day. In this area of Šumava, where people lived in yards, often quite far from each other, it was customary to build so-called death boards. On the way from Kochánov to Keply near Sovy solitude, the boards of Anna and Josef Schreiner, who died before the Second World War, were preserved. Peasants used to have stocks of planks at home. If someone from the family died, the board was marked with three crosses. The deceased lay down on the board and remained on it until the burial. In winter, due to the harsh climatic conditions and the isolation of the individual buildings, it could be even longer. After the funeral, the board was decorated and displayed near the building.

The nature park in the vicinity is named after the settlement. The territory of the nature park concentrates within its borders all large forest units in the Javorná - Čachrov area - up to Otava, from Nové Městeček to Červený Dvorce. In the area is the upper course of the river Ostružné after Zahálek near Velhartic and the entire course of the Volšovka with the Kepelský stream. On the banks of all watercourses there are extensive seyp fields, mostly overgrown with floodplain forest, with the occurrence of a number of protected species of plants and animals. The alternation of forest areas, pastures, meadows and fields creates a unique landscape that is an ideal place for tourism and recreation. Kochánov Nature Park has an area of 81 km2. It was announced in 1985.