Plánice - Vracov

Vracov is a local part of the town of Plánice. The first mention of Vracov is found in the inventory of Zelená Hora manor property in 1558. At that time, the court itself, the so-called Wracowsky tributary with a mill, is mentioned. Today, the Vracovský water mill is on the list of cultural immovable monuments. The oldest part of the area is the mill, probably from the 16th century. The core of the residential part and the technological equipment of the mill were created during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The name Vracov probably originated from the name Vrac (abbreviation of the name Vratislav) - Vracův dvůr. In 1902, the small settlement of Vracov had three descriptive numbers with 17 inhabitants. Both the post office and the parsonage fell into Plánice. Since approximately 1980, no one lives here permanently, and the buildings here are inhabited only by cottagers. Vracovský stream flows through the settlement.

In 1881, the Vracovský mill witnessed an unnecessary tragedy. The miller's son Josef Pohanka fell in love with the beautiful Mathilda Bůžková. However, her parents did not want the relationship, so the young lovers decided to "leave" this world by dying together. Buckwheat shot his sweetheart and then pointed the gun at himself.

Source: Leaflet of the city of Plánice for its local parts.