Plánice - Mlynářovice

Mlynářovice is a local part of the town of Plánice. Mlynářovice (formerly also Mlynařovice) gradually fell under Němčice, Mlýnské Struhadlo, Újezd u Plánice from 1869, and only since 1976 has it been part of the town of Plánice. In ancient times, an old feudal fortress stood here. The first written mention from 1362 of the orphans Vyšemír, Heřman and Ješihor, whose lieutenant was Mr. Vilém from Jinín, is linked to this. At that time the name of the village was written as Mlynarziouicz. The name Mlynářovice is explained as the village of Mlynářový people. Around 1500 Mikuláš Radek from Radkovice owned the village. His widow, Alžběta z Mokře, sold the estate to members of the Reichenbach family in 1547. They annexed it to their Serbian domain. In 1579, Jan Čejka from Olbramovice bought the village, a deserted fortress, a tavern, a swimming pool yard and a mill, who annexed these goods to Němčice. The village was reminiscent of a fortress that was probably built here in the 14th century. However, in the 16th century, after joining the Srbice, it collapsed and later completely disappeared. Currently, we are not even able to determine where exactly she stood. Folk tradition places it on the site of house No. 1 or No. 2.

The history of the mill in Mlynářovice is also interesting, which was part of the riverside yard already in the middle of the 16th century. For many years, the Kalin family lived in the manor mill, which is why it is now called the Kalin mill. It is interesting that the name Kalina is also associated with other mills in the region.

In 1902, there were 23 descriptive numbers in the village, where 138 inhabitants lived. Both the parish and the post office belonged to the village under Němčice. At the end of the 19th century, an economically important farm and mill stood here. In 1990, 40 people lived here permanently, and in 2004 it was 33 people.

Source: Ing. Martin Kříž and the flyer of the city of Plánice to its local parts