Nalžovské Hory - Těchonice

The village is known for amateur theater performances, which are attended by people from a wide area.

A number of legends are associated with Těchonicy:

Once on the tracks, children herded cattle. The day was winding down and it was time to drive home. Here, an unknown boy emerged from a nearby grove. He was all dirty and everyone was surprised by his big head. He stuttered and asked for some milk. All the boys turned their noses up at him, only little Marjánka milked her cow and gave him a drop of milk in a cup. But she got a big acorn from a stranger. Everyone laughed at her and didn't even notice that the strange boy had disappeared. When Marjánka came home and wanted to take out a simple gift, she felt some money in her hand. And lo and behold, it was a gold coin, a beyvalok's reward.

About the secret passage of the Ice Cream Cone
It has been a long time since the Zmrzlík family sat on a nice wooden fortress in Těchonice. When the Hussite wars began, the knight Zmrzlík ordered to dig an escape passage underground to the church that stood opposite. The corridor led to the ancestral tomb. Once, hetman Žižka himself was drawn to Těchonice with his soldiers. The small fortress defended itself for a long time, but one traitor was found among the garrison, who opened the gate in the palisade to the Hussites at an opportune moment. They killed the crew and burned the entire fortress. It is said that only underground in the corridor is everything ready to escape, unfortunately in vain.

Saint John in the bath
Since time immemorial, the statue of St. John of Nepomuck, the patron saint of pilgrims and protector from water hazards, has been reflected on the dyke of the Týchonic pond. However, because she was suffering from the weather, the neighbors decided to place her in an alcove. They made it out of sheet metal in such an artful way that it is jokingly called St. John in the bathtub.

Hastrmani at the bridge
Once a forman rode out of the forest and came to an old bridge. At that point, the horsemen ran out of the stream and wanted to throw his car into the water. However, our hero did not see all that. He only felt that the volks could not move from their place. So he dropped some wood from the firewood, but it didn't help. In the end, his car was empty and it was difficult to reach the yard in the heat. All along the journey, the hastrmen sat on the wagon and grinned wildly. The little girl got lost in the yard, and the poor farmer had to carry his firewood from the bridge on a wheelbarrow until the evening.

Source: all rumors - Ondřej Fibich, Prácheňský poklad, collection of rumors b.v.